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Start Building Your Dream Home

Ready to build your dream home?

We are too!

Realize your dream within your budget.

Under construction -3.HEIC


Step 1


Discuss plans for your new home and discover how Harbor Town can design a custom home just for you.  With some design selections made, the Harbor Town team can begin to secure a price quote for your home.

Step 2


Review initial floor plans and price quotes. Ensure that the plans meet your lifestyle and budget goals. Discuss your home building project with the team at Harbor Town - answering all of your questions. Also, don't forget to ask about upgrade packages like smart home features. Then, order your Construction Drawings with a deposit.


Step 3


Construction Drawings are complete and ready for review. Make any necessary adjustments or alterations.


Step 4


Confirm final pricing and complete all permitting applications.


Step 5


Permits in hand! Order your modular home, sign Construction Agreement and set a delivery date. 


Step 6


House delivery day! Very exciting - please join the Harbor Town team to watch your custom home being set on its foundation. Bring your camera and lunch!


Happy Move-In Date


You’ve made your dream come true with Harbor Town! Congratulations and welcome home.

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